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Olerti offers a widget that can be embedded in your eCommerce site, specifically on the Product Detail Page(PDP). Let’s say shoppers may not be ready to purchase at first look and they may want to wait till the point that price gets dropped or goes on sale. If consumers are not ready to buy the product, they might prefer tagging the price for it and would like to be alerted once price matches their tagged price. Our solution can definately boost the conversion rate as many shoppers just not shop the items since they do not get the price they look for. 


Sell more by encouraging people to tag their own price for your products.

Let our technology help your customer fill more shopping carts.






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How It Works


Shoppers set the price alerts on the eCommerce Site

 for the specific product. Email/Phone is verified.


Shopper visits eCommerce site with provided product detail page link and make a final call to purchase that product. We track the progress through check out.


Shopper  receives SMS or Email notification once set price is met and available.

Online Retailers - Drive More Sales Now with Olerti

Olerti helps online retailers to engage shoppers with product purchases by allowing them to set the price alerts for the online products, so they can purchase when it goes on sale. We believe in bringing innovative solutions for Online Retailers. Our technology platform amplifies those price drop alerts into the actions that influence purchase decisions.